…and The show must go on

FB_IMG_1450554483934Whenever I will remember school I will remember her (my sweetest teacher) always. No matter what I love her and may God keeps his blessings upon her.

One of my favourite teachers was diagnosed with cancer.So resultingly, she was absent from the school. The news of her having cancer spread like wild fire in the school and everyone thought her absence is going to be permanent now, i.e. she would leave the school for her chemotherapy and treatment.

After some time she entered school with a wide smile gracing her face.When her chemotherapy started, she just took a break came back to school after break. She started losing large patches of hair and eventually, became bald. She use to cover her head with a black scarf and keep coming to school. Whenever she was compelled to take long breaks, it was deduced that she was gone forever but she came back everytime, with a smile brighter than ever, determination unshakable and optimism so strong.Watching her battling with cancer with a spirit so invincible motivated me to the core.If she could continue to come to school (carry on with work) with cancer (and now beaten that cancer), I could surely learn without it.

Her fighting spirit was so strong. A great teacher is the one who truly inspires.

[A memory with her]

When I went to school with my best friend after some time, she was in her recovery phase! She asked us why you people are not in school uniform?!, me and my friend were surprised for a while and replied to her “ma’am we are now passed out students “. We all smiled at each other and a look was exchanged in which it was tremendous love in her eyes. That moment is beyond description.




Reawakening the power

What is that power? That power is Sanskrit. Yes, sanskrit is just not a language; it’s a way of living.

You all agree that Technology is powerful. Is technology in itself powerful, or you become powerful when you acquire technology? I am sure the answer is, we become powerful when we acquire technology. This is because, we will be acquiring the aggregate result of efforts of research, aggregate of human intelligence, undertaken for several years.


Similarly, when we say knowledge is power, we mean knowledge empowers us.  Knowledge, technology etc. are just means and it is we who become powerful. Therefore, they are the means and we are the end.  If technology, knowledge etc. are at one end and we are at the other, then we will be just another lot of ignorant human beings.
Therefore assimilation of knowledge, assimilation of technology makes an individual powerful, makes the family powerful, makes the nation a powerful nation, makes society, makes humanity  powerful.
Sanskrit is one of the world’s most ancient literature, which has a rich history of several thousands of years.  It has a great inheritance.
It comprises of
1] Shruti  or Vedas,
2] Smriti or Scriptures written in recollection,
3]puraanaas  which are largely allegorical
4]Epics like Raamaayana and Mahabharath which are considered as our ancient historical works.  Mahabharath is also considered as fifth veda. Bhagavad geeta is considered as the greatest  book on psychology. The Bramha Sutras  has 555 sutras or aphorisms on Upanishadic wisdom.
The Vedas are the oldest literature.  The word veda is derived from the root word “Vid” which means ‘to know’.  This bulky literature is classified as Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharva veda. Rigveda is the oldest vedic literature.   It has 1028 hymns and 10552 mantras in it.  Yajurveda has two branches in it–Krishna Yajurveda nd Shukla Yajurveda.  Krishna Yajurveda has Maitrayani Samhita, Kaataka Samhita, Kapisthala kaata samhita and Taittireeya Samhita.  Each of these have several khandas and several prapaatakas . They contain the method of conducting rites and rituals, the method of construction of Sacrificial hall etc.  The Saamaveda is considered as the origin of Indian music.  It has two branches—Kauthumas and Raanaayaneeya.  Atharva veda also has two branches, viz one belonging the sage pippalaada and other belonging to sage Shaunaka.
Each of these branches contain innumerable mantras.

Alas!  Major chunk of this great literature is lost.  Hence it is high time to preserve whatever little is available.
All these literature contains unfathomable human wisdom, sublime and highly transcendental thoughts which are the perpetual source of happiness, tranquillity and real bliss.
In Smriti section there are innumerable literature on Astronomy, mathematics, Nuclear science, medicine etc. etc.
There are eighteen Puraanaas with innumerable allegories. Though the principal upanishads are considered as just twelve, the total number of upanishads is considered 108.  The derivation of the word Upanishad is root “Sad” with prefixes Upa and Ni. This means Knowledge derived from sitting at the feet of preceptor.
The vedic wisdom is extremely precious because, they are revealed to the seers in their transcendental status and are not composed deliberately using dictionary and keeping in view name and fame.

The mother of speech, Goddess Sarasvati in her form of Sanskrit language has given birth, nurtured and developed these profound thoughts, philosophy, wisdom and culture of our great people of Indus valley.
Hence as the abode of this powerful, human wisdom  Sanskrit is a really powerful language.  Let us all assimilate it and become powerful human race.

Knowledge source : Shyamala Krishnamurthy


You can achieve anything you want, your past doesn’t matter. It depends upon the will power and self belief.


Any layman can tell you that Civil Services examination is the toughest and most prestigious in India (180 IAS selected out of 6 lakh applicants,15000 IIT seats are there in comparison).

Here is the inspiring story of GAURAV AGRAWAL. In true sense, he converted his defeat into triumph. His failure into success by not giving up.
Hyderabad : Gaurav Agrawal intially reacted with disbelief when he was informed on thursday (results day) that he has acquired 1st rank in the prestigious Civil Services Examination this year (2013).

“Initially i could not believe then i started receiving calls from my friends,father,mother and wife congratulating me,”the 29-year-old from Jaipur said.

“IAS is my first choice .It is a field job. You can meet people, understand their problems and then try to solve them,”said Gaurav, whose father Suresh Chandra Gutpa is a manager in Jaipur Dairy and mother Suman Gupta is a housewife.

His wife is a physician. He is the only son of his parents while his elder sister lives in the United States.

Coming from an upper middle class family, Gaurav always excelled in studies.
Last year he got 244th rank and chose Indian Police Service (IPS) [Cracked the exam in First attempt].

He holds a Bachelor of Technology (Compurter Science) degree from IIT- KANPUR and Post Graduate Diploma in management from IIM- LUCKNOW.He was a Gold medallist in IIM.

Gaurav worked as an investment banker in CITI GROUP in Hong Kong for four years but returned to India to prepare for the  UPSC.

A strong believer in hard work, he chose history and economics as optional subjects last year (2012) though he had no background of history.
This year (2013) his optional was economics.

“I  had interest in studies from the beginning . I always loved reading and writing,” Gaurav said. He however admitted that he had slipped after making it to IIT. “I HAD FAILED AND MY DEGREE HAD TO BE EXTENDED.This was a lesson for me .I then started focusing on studies.”
It would have been really hard time for JEE topper to have multiple “F’s” in college and to get degree late by a semester.

Considering our general psyche, it’s unimaginable to link a failure in college, a semester backer with an IAS topper. BUT HERE HE IS.


Gaurav has a message for youngsters: “One should identify one’s weaknesses and overcome them because there is a general tendency to negate the shortcomings. We should continuously think of improving.”

He also wants students not to become arrogant on small achievements. “We should strive for our ultimate goal. Hard work is the only way. The results will come automatically,” he said.


Information source: TOI