You can achieve anything you want, your past doesn’t matter. It depends upon the will power and self belief.


Any layman can tell you that Civil Services examination is the toughest and most prestigious in India (180 IAS selected out of 6 lakh applicants,15000 IIT seats are there in comparison).

Here is the inspiring story of GAURAV AGRAWAL. In true sense, he converted his defeat into triumph. His failure into success by not giving up.
Hyderabad : Gaurav Agrawal intially reacted with disbelief when he was informed on thursday (results day) that he has acquired 1st rank in the prestigious Civil Services Examination this year (2013).

“Initially i could not believe then i started receiving calls from my friends,father,mother and wife congratulating me,”the 29-year-old from Jaipur said.

“IAS is my first choice .It is a field job. You can meet people, understand their problems and then try to solve them,”said Gaurav, whose father Suresh Chandra Gutpa is a manager in Jaipur Dairy and mother Suman Gupta is a housewife.

His wife is a physician. He is the only son of his parents while his elder sister lives in the United States.

Coming from an upper middle class family, Gaurav always excelled in studies.
Last year he got 244th rank and chose Indian Police Service (IPS) [Cracked the exam in First attempt].

He holds a Bachelor of Technology (Compurter Science) degree from IIT- KANPUR and Post Graduate Diploma in management from IIM- LUCKNOW.He was a Gold medallist in IIM.

Gaurav worked as an investment banker in CITI GROUP in Hong Kong for four years but returned to India to prepare for the  UPSC.

A strong believer in hard work, he chose history and economics as optional subjects last year (2012) though he had no background of history.
This year (2013) his optional was economics.

“I  had interest in studies from the beginning . I always loved reading and writing,” Gaurav said. He however admitted that he had slipped after making it to IIT. “I HAD FAILED AND MY DEGREE HAD TO BE EXTENDED.This was a lesson for me .I then started focusing on studies.”
It would have been really hard time for JEE topper to have multiple “F’s” in college and to get degree late by a semester.

Considering our general psyche, it’s unimaginable to link a failure in college, a semester backer with an IAS topper. BUT HERE HE IS.


Gaurav has a message for youngsters: “One should identify one’s weaknesses and overcome them because there is a general tendency to negate the shortcomings. We should continuously think of improving.”

He also wants students not to become arrogant on small achievements. “We should strive for our ultimate goal. Hard work is the only way. The results will come automatically,” he said.


Information source: TOI



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