…and The show must go on

FB_IMG_1450554483934Whenever I will remember school I will remember her (my sweetest teacher) always. No matter what I love her and may God keeps his blessings upon her.

One of my favourite teachers was diagnosed with cancer.So resultingly, she was absent from the school. The news of her having cancer spread like wild fire in the school and everyone thought her absence is going to be permanent now, i.e. she would leave the school for her chemotherapy and treatment.

After some time she entered school with a wide smile gracing her face.When her chemotherapy started, she just took a break came back to school after break. She started losing large patches of hair and eventually, became bald. She use to cover her head with a black scarf and keep coming to school. Whenever she was compelled to take long breaks, it was deduced that she was gone forever but she came back everytime, with a smile brighter than ever, determination unshakable and optimism so strong.Watching her battling with cancer with a spirit so invincible motivated me to the core.If she could continue to come to school (carry on with work) with cancer (and now beaten that cancer), I could surely learn without it.

Her fighting spirit was so strong. A great teacher is the one who truly inspires.

[A memory with her]

When I went to school with my best friend after some time, she was in her recovery phase! She asked us why you people are not in school uniform?!, me and my friend were surprised for a while and replied to her “ma’am we are now passed out students “. We all smiled at each other and a look was exchanged in which it was tremendous love in her eyes. That moment is beyond description.




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