“Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who doesn’t adore the beauty of flowers! Flowers are medicine for soul. Amazing gift of nature. But, what if few petals of flower get damaged? We will throw them and consider that there is nothing left. Let us connect this to our lives, just like the damaged petals of flowers are the hardships, pain, suffering, harm, damage, destruction, injury that we have in our life and after all these at certain point we feel now there is nothing left, everything ended and nothing could be done. But no! that is not the truth. Flowers blooms again. Similarly that damage is not the end..THERE IS LIFE AHEAD. We can start a fresh. New beginning.
What is this lifeahead? Well this is an incredible idea, an initiative of my mentor, friend, teacher.. Nidhi Sahu( Psychologist). She is a dedicated, excellent counselor. Many workshops on parenting, adolescent problems,etc are conducted by her efficiently. Lifeahead will focus on life skills. It’s a group of people who have overcame the setbacks of life and experts who will help the one’s who are going through something hard in life by some efforts in different forms. [ keeping it secret for a while] Transforming the negatives into positives. Our main motive is to uplift the souls. Even if we made a difference in one life.. that is going to be utterly blissful for us. It is Nidhi madame’s desire of her soul to keep LIFEAHEAD ALIVE AND IT IS MY SOUL’S DESIRE TO ACCOMPANY HER IN THIS JOURNEY. The seed has been sowed. It is our message .. that if someone is fighting any sort of battle, he/she is not alone. We are social beings so yes at times we need little push from someone to come out from the cage. A hand to hold on. There is nothing wrong in it. One must not forget ultimately we all are divine creations.
Hey you! Wherever you are! Whatsoever you are facing..just a simple reminder.. there is certainly LIFE AHEAD.flower-631765_960_720