Expedition to Lord Krishna’s birthplace

In early 20’s a girls trip to Mathura sounds bit odd. Not some lavish trip to Goa, against all odds..Yes! It was a journey to Mathura, Vrindavan and Govardhan. With my best friend it was the most augmented holiday. A 3-4 days trip to the state of Uttar Pradesh (India), to the sacred city Mathura. Exploration of our own lands is equally fascinating as flying to the foreign countries. Unearthing the history of our own country, learning about its people, is significant to me just like the curiousity to know about the world. I like exploring the beauty of ancient architectural set up along with its intricate creations. With the right companion it was enriching, spiritual and exploring kind of period of travelling.

People come over here to experience the pious beginnings of the Hindu God (Lord Krishna).

Literally everything in Mathura is coloured in the hues of Krishna.

Mathura attracts thousands of pilgrims especially on the occasion of Janamashatami ( Lord Krishna’s birthday) and Holi of Barsana (a small village in mathura). Its holi is world famous.

Mathura has numerous small and big temples. It is situated on the banks of river yamuna so it has 25 holy ghats.

Mathura was also once Buddhist centre with around 20 monasteries. However continuous attacks by Afghans and Mughals left the city in ruins. Most of the ruins are now preserved in the archaeological museums. 

# ISKCON (The International society for krishna consciousness) Vrindavan 

Shri Krishna-Balaram Mandir is a Gaudiya Vaishnava temple in the holy city of Vrindavan. It is one of the main ISKCON temples in India and internationally.

I simply enjoyed there. Those chantings of hare krishna, kirtan and dancing- it was having happy vibes. I didn’t want to leave that place. I could easily sense the aura of peace there.



Life Cycle


# Prem Mandir 

It has simply magnificent architecture. Beautiful idols of Lord Krishna- Radha and Lord Rama-Sita were mesmerizing.


Shri Bhagvad-gita mandir (temple)

It’s is known as Bhagvad-gita temple because there is a pole on which whole bhagvad-gita( Hindu scripture) is written.



Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi 

This temple is built around the prison cell where the ancient Lord Krishna is said to have been born. It is situated next to Kesava Deo Temple and a mosque, cameras and phones are banned inside the complex by the government. Security is very strict.

The original temple was built by Vajranabha, then later rebuilt by Vikramaditya. The temple is said to have been destroyed and rebuilt 17 times in its history. Today the temple is one of the most frequently visited temples in India.

This temple is again too beautiful and wonderfully built.

Government Museum Mathura

It is the most underrated place. But it’s worth visiting. I was amazed to see the traces of Buddhism and Jainism there. Truly fascinating collection it is having. The museum houses artifacts pottery, sculptures, paintings, and coins primarily from in and around Mathura, plus discoveries made by noted colonial archaeologists like Alexander Cunningham, F. S. Growse, and Fuhrer.

Artifacts are 3000 years old and the depth of the collection is surprising.

Visit duration : 1-2 hours



Vishram Ghat

Well river yamuna has 25 ghats but Vishram ghat is considered the holiest.


# Shri Nath jee temple (Govardhan)

According to the legend, the Srinathji (Shrinathji is a form of Hindu god Krishna, manifest as a seven-year-old child) deity self-manifested from stone and emerged from the Govardhan Hills. Historically, the idol of Shrinathji was first worshipped at Govardhan hill, near Mathura . Shrinathji was originally worshipped in a humble shrine at Jatipura village near Govardhan and subsequently, moved to a larger temple on top of the hill.

There is tunnel from which Shri nath ji went to Nathdwara(Rajasthan). That tunnel from the top of Govardhan hill opens in the town of Nathdwara.


At the top of Govardhan Hill

# Mukharvind temple

Mukharvind temple of Shrinathji is at the base of Giriraj Govardhan. Hundreds of devotees visit daily and worship with milk and flowers etc. Many begin their Parikrama (revolving around sacred place) of Giriraj Govardhan (hill) from this point. Mukharvind of Shrinathji is decorated and worshipped every evening. It is believed to be alive with his presence.

This shop has mouthwatering sweets and world famous Mathura’s pede (indian sweets) were also good. They also make samosa (indian snack) in pure ghee stuffed with cottage cheese, dry fruits and basic samosa filling.

There are still so many things left unexplored in Mathura. Hopefully , will explore next time. It felt so alive with the divine vibrations and energy. What I brought from this trip is preserved in my heart with me and it cannot be expressed through words.

Radhey Radhey ! ( Greetings)


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