Better juicing: Gulp cold-pressed juice India

He didn’t want to end up in IT sector job so an engineer who had something different to do in his mind turned out to be an entrepreneur.

Rohit Singh (27 years old) had a juice outlet which was a blend of traditional and modish ways – a premier outlet. It was doing good. But still he felt something was missing. Something was incomplete. Deep down he constantly thought of how to improve juicing? How to make it better?

One fine day he came to know about cold-pressed technique. After an extensive research over it ..Woohoo! It was a moment of epiphany. That is how the genesis of gulp cold-pressed juice took place.

Now let me tell you why cold-pressed juice is a better way of juicing. It is made up of 100% fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed juice refers to juice that uses a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruit and vegetables, as opposed to other methods such as centrifugal or single auger.It has been proven to contain more nutrients. When the fresh fruits and vegetables are consumed in the form of juice..its nutrients are directly absorbed in the bloodstream.

What is gulp cold-pressed juice India! Read the details in the picture above. 

Well for Rohit..hailing from a city like Bhopal…it is no less than a revolution.

Vision of gulp is to make plant-based nutrition accessible to the masses. Delivering freshness of farms to your doorsteps.

In this way a local operation advanced into a global appeal operation.

Consumption of fresh foods manifests true health. Many people lose motivation on juicing every day if they are dependent on their home juicer. That’s where the Gulp juice India will help you take away the mess and save your time, especially if you enjoy having a good grab-and-go option when you’re running late but don’t want to compromise your green juice goals.

Cold-pressed juices are pricey! But why so?

One reason is the amount of produce squeezed into one bottle.

Another reason is the pressure needed to make the juice. Cold-pressed juice companies use thousands of pounds of pressure to squeeze juice from their produce, and often then preserve the ingredients through a method called high pressure processing (or HPP).

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